Saturday, March 29, 2014

Interesting blog and post

It is [found here].

I was trolling who was viewing my [main blog] and found that he, or she, linked to [this post]. There might be some major developments into 9/11 justice because of RT's Max Keiser. Alex Jones of Infowars fame can be considered what should be mainstream news and what Defense Contractor owned media paid for with US tax dollars ... Conspiracy Theory ...

I figured there must be a reason why my WiFi connections suddenly burned and my ability to use my computer ceased until I used the way back machine on my computer to send it back in time when it worked correctly.

It seems that when I post something controversial, this happens. So, I consider my computers frying or getting infected by some NSA virus is a political activist's version of a standing ovation. Is being the new version of an American Patriot, believing in the US Constitution, the worst form of subversion to the corporate/banking organized crime global network that have us under stealth occupation?

I post videos I make and like [here].

stevengerickson AT yahoo dot com

I blog because this is [what was done to me].

[Click Here] for:

Smart Meters talking to Car Black Boxes, Laptops, & Cellphones?



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