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Questionable Death of "Cowboy", African American in Stafford Springs, Connecticut

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I witnessed a lot of blatantly racist activities in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, that was overt, official, and nothing was done about it.

Cowboy was a good looking African American well over 6' tall with biceps and a personality that drew people in, male, female, all races in a social situation. Men could be intimidated by his athletic stature. I have had drinks with Cowboy at either Lark's Cafe, the Finish Line, or Springs House. At that time I didn't know Cowboy's dirty little secret.

Cowboy was getting oral and regular sex from some of the hottest young girls in town.

The Connecticut State Police would hang out at the Stafford House of Pizza or another Pizza Place in another town famous for its potato pizza. The Connecticut State Troopers would sometimes talk openly. I was a contractor and ate out pretty much every meal at the time. I caught many conversations that the troopers probably did not want heard.

The troopers hated any non-white and and any white guys, who were not cops or other officials or someone important, getting the most desirable young girls, and of age women, in the area. Husbands and boyfriends could be stalked by trooper just for having a wife or girlfriend a police officer wanted, even if the woman was happy with her significant other and had shown no interest in any cop. The cop could get the guy fired, set up for arrest, and a guy could be framed and go to prison and not even have a clue why, White, Black, Asian, or Hispanic.

A mother of two, with large breasts, was known for giving oral sex in a very unique and extremely pleasurable way. She would not openly ask for cash, but if someone donated money to her on occasion, she was open to whatever. At that time I had no interest in a single mother. I also knew of her vice, she like to smoke heroin.

The mother of two allegedly got busted and was given a task. Police allegedly set the mother of two up with some extra potent heroin and asked her to get friendly again with Cowboy. Cowboy dabbled, or was, a regular heroin user along with freakish libido. Cowboy was gotten rid of after State Police said he would be disposed of. They didn't say how for me to hear. The mother of two was on probation and could be used to do any dirty deeds, or the bidding, or any officer, and I assume sexual gratification of any officer or probation officer who so decided.

That is how things work.

Cowboy was found in a car with a needle in his arm.

If you know Cowboy's real name please comment to this post or make an email of stevengerickson At yahoo dot com. I can keep you anonymous if you like. I believe Cowboy was murdered around, or about the late 1990's.


A Pizza Parlor owner in competition with the Stafford House of Pizza, the pizza establishment in with town hall and the town and state police had some competition back in the 1990's. A son of a man and woman originally from Pakistan owned a pizza place and stayed in the apartment above. That owner of the pizza place could be mistaken for Hawaiian and hung out, and used his jetski on Staffordville Lake, an unofficial "White Only" beach and lake. There are Hispanics and African Americans who go to the lake, but they can get the notice of local and state police for choosing themselves to spend more time in places like downtown Rockville (Vernon) where White Officers feel minorities belong.

That pizza parlor owner was popular with the ladies, women the State and Town Clowns thought they should have dibs on.

Police began parking in front of the rival pizza place and somewhat harassing the customers who came for pizza. The health and building inspector were like white on rice.

That pizza parlor owner went out of business and was run out of town.


A Stafford Springs, Tolland Connecticut Troop C Hispanic Trooper was openly mocked and harassed for not being white. White officers were harassing a hermit who wanted to keep to himself and who live in a trailer on someone else's land.

3 officers were harassing the hermit so bad that a shoot out ensued and 3 officers were wounded. The Hispanic officer was blamed for not giving the other officers information and was suspended. I don't believe this to be the case as the White Officers were not sharing information with the Hispanic Officer. When I had a break in and wanted an officer to take my complaint, the White Officers refused to, but told me, "Deputy Spic" would take my complaint. He did and was polite, unlike the White Officers.

That also occurred sometime around the late 1990's. White Officers were also sexist and very abusive to female officers and staff.


I was asked to be a police informant for police to become a police officer. The other version of a police informant is a criminal, druggie, prostitute, DUI guy or gal, or alcoholic on probation or out of prison. The police are about revenue collection, property confiscation, retaliation, and running their rackets.

I refused to ruin the self-employed for business loss, set up legal gun owners for gun confiscation, and to help beat up or set up police targets for arrest and prison. I was appalled that officers would act as lookouts for criminals breaking into houses or for vandals destroying property. I was appalled that police seemed to run and profit from prostitution, heroin, and the crack cocaine trade.

I refused to be of service and to keep quiet about what they were doing, so they toasted me. [That story]


Back in the 1990's police were illegally tapping phones, bugging homes, and surveillance cameras were being strung from light poles in Stafford Springs, and other test cities in Connecticut and across the US, in the UK, and in other countries. I was later told it was part of UN Agenda 21.

Police knew 99% of all the crimes that were going on. They were part of it and were Crime Farming. If they solved the problem they would have their numbers and power reduced. So, maybe 99% of all crime could end by taking all the domestic spying mikes and cameras off-line and put video cameras with audio facing inside of police cruisers. It would at least reduce rapes and sexual assaults ...

[The Bigger Picture]


[The Stafford Springs Connecticut Diaper Gang]

"Purple Hayes", an alleged Police Informant who thought his drug dealing partners were police officers had the tables turned on him. Get used by police and when they are done using you, you go to prison or may even end up dead. [David Hayes and Stevie Carver]

[Hartford Narcotics Detective's sons abducted by police and beaten because the Hartford Detective busted a Mafia cocaine and heroin dealer against his captain's orders?]


[Talk about the Jewish Mafia running Connecticut and you just might get whacked? The story of Rich the Fixer]

Rich once told me, I could get commercial or rental properties for a single dollar all over Connecticut, especially in Hartford with "free loan money" to renovate if I was Jewish or affiliated with his organization, which I assume to be the Jewish Mafia.


Blogger Unknown said...

I was very close to Cowboy and yes he was murdered but not by the police. You should really get your facts straight before you run your mouth. His death had nothing to do with girls the police wanted and everything to do with greed. He wasn't found in his car with a needle in his arm, he was dumped in a parking lot like he was nothing. He may have had his demons but a truer friend I dare you to find.

Wed Jun 01, 07:36:00 PM 2016  
Blogger The_SRV said...

Sorry for your loss. I heard cops talk about wanting Cowboy dead. A guy whose parents are Pakistani had a pizza shop in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. He'd jetski up on Stafford Lake. I heard cops who wanted him dead overhearing them talk in the pizza joint near the rotary. He dated white girls that the State Police wanted to date. They wrecked his business and ran him out.

One of my best friends, now deceased, was Richard Murzin, a former Hartford Narcotics Detective, retired. Rich contacted me after he was retired, and after he and his family had been gone after. Rich enlightened me about what was really going on.

I'd like to hear your story. I can keep you anonymous. Even if you are just educating me, and no one else, I would like to hear what you have to say. stevengerickson at yahoo dot com

Thu Jun 02, 11:09:00 PM 2016  

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