Friday, March 30, 2018

Vladimir Putin adopts US Constitution because America Dumps it?

I didn't read the article that the above image was lifted from, but it was found [here]. 

Okay, I am being sarcastic. But with GMO Monsanto poison food, and the drug corporations making you sick so they can then heal you, why would you want to raise a family in a country that is anti-family?
Vladimir Putin seems to be pro gun and pro self defense, pro family, pro sovereignty, and pro success of his own country, a swirling cesspool that is the US is less attractive. I do hope that Trump can pull a rabbit out of a hat. A one point in history, immigration into the US almost stopped, and exodus out, actually happened, and Russia was one of the destinations out.

I was in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland in the 1990's. I longed to go back to America because the lamps in the rooms might be spying on me. I wish I was back there left alone, unlike the nightmare of being self-employed, politically active, outspoken, and pro US Constitution in the US.

Why would I say any of this?:

[click here] for:

Support the 2nd Amendment because you HATE US Constitution Dismantlers

Image of FBI and Connecticut State Police target for being a Constitutional Extremist, Code Name: "Big Apple to Big Easy,", picture of Steven G. Erickson, having gone from New York City to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the aftermath to help out. Picture taken on Bourbon St.




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