Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Wipe out the Patriots. Is US DHS using S. African Tactics to wipe out the Politically Inconvenient?

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Image is of Steve Erickson on Bourbon St. in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I was given the code name, "The Big Apple to the Big Easy," because I fled New York City to be left alone by DHS and TSA. I worked as an insurance adjuster being promoted 3 times, and had an office with the head of the storm for a certain big insurance company and was let go after my full background check came in.

I had a Lithuanian wife in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, that a Connecticut town cop wanted for himself because he had Polish ancestry, was taller, and was a cop, even though he was living with his mother. He told me he was like, "James Bond," ridding America of those who are the enemies, like the founding fathers, which are gun owners and the self-employed. The founding fathers are traitors, and terrorists, who usurped legitimate authority according to the international police union. Some dumb as a box of rocks officers, believe this, or just wanted to rape, rob, steal, and be an armed gang of thugs because it's fun to be a psychopath.

So, I was according to Stafford Springs Connecticut Constable Frank Prochaska, not deserving of my wife, house, new vehicles, contracting business, should be making only $10 per hour for my work, so I had scammed all that I have. Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Police Officer Frank Prochaska told me he could be my friend, and let me leave the state, leave my wife, leave my house, and I could retain my driver's license, contracting business, and he would put me on the "cooperative list," and he could then pursue my wife with me out of the way. If no, I would be put on the "(International) Police Union Enemies List," which became the US DHS terrorist watch list and I would have problems with taxes, government, police, and the courts, no matter where I hid in the US, or abroad.

How much did just one horny, dumb as a box of rocks, can't collect shopping carts at Wal-Mart stupid cop living in his Mom's basement cost you millions in Homeland Security overtime  US Federal Taxes, and expenses, to ruin a guy who just thought he could raise a family, own a home, be independently employed, have a concealed carry pistol permit, and pursue the American Dream?

I had a friend, Rich Murzin. Rich Murzin was a Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective. According to Rich, he defied his Hartford Police Captain and arrested a Mafia Heroin Dealer who allegedly paid protection to the police captain in Hartford who oversaw the drug trade and other rackets for more important people, including a cabal of judges. Rich Murzin busted the dealer, his captain retaliated and Rich is now dead, and his entire family has suffered for decades, no one is safe who took Rich into their heart.

When Rich was no longer a police detective, had lost everything except his family, and was a guard at a grocery store, we'd play a game. I would write something in my other blog exposing public corruption, the Connecticut Governor, police, court corruption, or out Mafia type activity of officials and then call Rich Murzin. We had a code. I was not coming to visit him.

Rich Murzin would count the official cars running in the parking lot of the grocery store where he was a guard and see how many detective cars were parked and for how long. The most he counted was 9 in a supermarket parking lot. The Detectives waited about 4 hours just to see if I may show up. According to Rich they were getting Homeland Security overtime, plus expenses, of $200 to $500 per  hour per officer.

I broke no laws. I didn't leave my wife when a dumb as a box of rocks police officer told me to leave my wife so he could have a chance at her. I didn't. I was put on a list. I cost you 100's of thousands of dollars, if not millions of your federal US tax dollars if you pay them. I could just say over my cell phone that I was going to meet someone, not show up, and a platoon of officers was there to suck up overtime, Homeland Security screw your life over style.

I feel guilty that Rich Murzin died of a "heart attack", and that AJ Fontaine died of "the flu" within hours of each other a week, or so, in 2011, when they said they had information that Homeland Security, the Connecticut FBI, and the Connecticut State Police were planning a mass shooter drill that would go live if going well to end the 2nd Amendment. They also talked to me about officials having planned a mass bombing outside of Connecticut with other agencies.

The IRS is seizing all that I earn legitimately. I can never pay back my bogus bill. I can't drive a car registered to me and not get BS wherever I go. I can't take a bus somewhere without someone taking out a TSA laminant and giving me BS.


Do I like Donald J. Trump? Yes, I do.

Do I like Vladimir Putin? Hell yes, that guy seems to believe in the family, national sovereignty, self protection, his nation, his people, and Russians could even get the 2nd Amendment when the US loses it. Putin seems to care about his legacy. I believe Trump does. I just hope, and pray, that Trump hasn't been compromised by the globalists.


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