Friday, April 06, 2018

Is Homeland Security trafficking in drugs to Commit False Flags?

According to my now deceased friend, Homeland Security had been something that was waiting in the wings way before 9/11. Rich Murzin was a retired Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective. He, and at least one of his sons were in the US Coast Guard Reserve. The US Coast Guard rules for themselves is that they don't have to treat Americans with any respect for the US Constitution. So, they have extrajudicial opportunities. That was the basis and rise for US DHS Homeland Security.

Without oversight, having to obey laws, what would an International Police Union which wants more dues, do. Well, the US Constitution is in the way of more members, more dues, and more power. Why not align with the UN, George Soros, international banking criminals, and corporate organized crime?

Rich Murzin told me he had evidence that Connecticut State Troopers were paid Homeland Security overtime. It was reported in newspapers that Connecticut State Troopers were claiming to have worked Homeland Security overtime, had falsified time sheets, stolen from US taxpayers, committed fraud, and felony theft, and did not get punished and did not have to pay the stolen money back.

When someone like me blogs critical of a politician, police, or someone high up in the corporate and banking international criminal empire, you can be put on a list. Police can then go after the target, a "Big Mouth", like me.

Rich told me an officer hour doing Homeland Security overtime, or duty, can cost taxpayers $200 to $500 per officer hour. States get $100 per day per inmate for those who are jailed. Why not give as many US citizens criminal records as is possible? 

Police, after the OKC Federal Builing Bombing were paid federal tax dollars to infiltrate the Militia. They were given special permission to wiretap, infiltrate gangs, organize their own youth gangs, manufacture evidence, use informants to set up targets, commit perjury, beat up, and railroad to prison gun owners, the self-employed, farmers, ranchers, and the politically inconvenient.

A police operative can beat up a citizen. The thug can demand money from the target of police to not end up in prison, because the thug works for police. In my case, Peter Coukos who claimed to have helped the CIA kidnap children for sexual purposes, said he could either have me arrested again if he made a complaint to police that I had threatened him with a gun. He said I either had to pay him $30,000 cash, or I would go to prison, lose what I had left, and my only daughter would be estranged from me for the rest of my life.

I didn't pay Coukos the $30,000. He owns my rental properties for a song. I was railroaded to prison. My daughter has had nothing to do with me since I was railroaded to prison. I am disowned by most of my family. The IRS is seizing anything I legally make and I can't fly, can't take a bus without being harassed by the TSA, and US taxpayers have paid 100's of thousands of dollars, if not millions, for the man hours to harass just me.

Peter Coukos, besides demanding that I pay him $30,000 cash, said I must submit to letting him fuck me in my ass at least once a week back in 2002. If Coukos was getting the benefit of US taxpayer dollars to beat up citizens, make false statements to police for arrests, and profit with police, also profiting from extortion, is paying US Federal Taxes illegal, because it supports organized crime, the harming of children, sex slavery, and the nullification of the US Constitution.

Did I pay US Federal Taxes to literally be fucked in the ass?

I did not give in to Coukos. Jail Guards at Storrs Prison told me that if I didn't stop complaining in letters I was mailing out, I should be fucked in the ass to get me to chill. Guards told me that if I was raped, the rapist could say it was consensual, sex in prison is illegal, so if I report being raped, I would be labeled a sex offender for the rest of my life.

So, days later, an inmate who had lost an eye in a shotgun blast from a police shotgun ricochet against the armored car he was trying to rob, had two African Americans grab each of my arms after I got out of the shower pinning me up against the bathroom wall. The armored car robber pulled my pants down, and started masturbating with hand lotion, getting his cock hard. I asked him if he wanted to keep his remaining eye. The African Americans, said I was a cold hearted mother fucker and let my arms go.

I asked the armored car robber if he still wanted to fuck me. He punked out. To the guards shurgrin, I then ran the block. My bunk was made and my laundry was done by other inmates, guards had to come to me when two inmates had a dispute for me to resolve, and I took a percentage of the armored car robber's Sports Betting take.

When I got out of prison, I had to go see Parole Officer Eric Ellison. I was out of prison just a couple of hours. He told me if I talked to news reporters and complained about any prison guards, police, officials, or judges I would be violated and then spend the rest of my life in prison. He told me to empty my pockets. I did. He then had me out my hands out on his desk to frisk me.

Eric Ellison jammed his erect cock still in his pants, in my ass crack with my pants still on, and asked, "How do you like that?"

It was about 10 or 15 seconds later that he had a "Happy Ending."

I wrote two letters to the editor printed in newspapers the next day. I called the ACLU, even though I hate lefty scumbags. Ellison then refused to meet me when I reported as required. I would wait in waiting room at scheduled reporting, and then was sent home after. At last hearing, he walked out of his office and said, "You are someone else's problem now."

I haven't been yet raped in the ass yet. But why should I pay Federal Taxes, or even file IRS forms, if I am paying taxes to literally be fucked in the ass?  


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